CRI Group


Social Contribution

For us, the word “communication” is not just part of our business. It reflects the core of our mentality. We are bridging people and places not only by our professional expertise and technological evolution, but also by knocking down any obstacles in free communication and approach of one another. Nothing can stand in our dream for a united world; regardless of color, religion, beliefs, economic situation, physical disability,

CRI encourages every effort that moves us forward. Because every difference is an element and advantage for diversity and uniqueness. And our beliefs define our footprint in the business.

Environmental Awareness

CRI Group, always aware of the importance of social issues, has developed a number of initiatives aiming at the protection of environmental conditions. These initiatives are compatible with international rules and practices. CRI has identified a set of measurable objectives whose implementation is systematically monitored and reviewed. CRI continually develops ways to better manage its environmental impact, or “footprint”.

Environmental considerations are incorporated into CRI Group solutions’ development, processes’ and services’ design, its own operations and managing of its suppliers’ network. This includes minimizing the use of energy and supporting the recycling of materials and used products. CRI complies with all applicable environmental legislation, regulations and customer requirements. In addition, CRI demonstrates continuous improvement of environmental objectives and promotes internal communication of these policies.

CRI does try not to have a negative impact on the environment and in parallel to raise awareness of its employees and moreover of its partners and customers, on acting more responsibly on the issue of environmental protection. CRI, in the course of its everyday activities, systematically pursues policies for the protection of the environment in accordance with its stated environmental policy. The main areas affected are, inter alia, building renovation, use of water, recycling of materials, disposal of hazardous materials.