Providing the technologies for the European decision makers

CRI Group has a well-established track record of providing ICT solutions and services to the European Institutions and International Organizations located in the BeNeLux region. This activity is spearheaded by the Group’s subsidiaries in Luxembourg and Belgium, which ensure close proximity to most European Institutions. Such presence is supported by resources from all members of CRI Group who share a common European culture and are strongly motivated to contribute to the fulfilment of the Institutions’ needs for delivering innovative and quality solutions.

CRI Group has served the European customer base for more than 30 years. Our long-standing presence has resulted in thorough knowledge of the local market both in terms of selecting the right people for the right job and then coordinating their work according to local legislation and culture. This ensures that CRI’s expertise in providing services to the Institutions spans across multiple domains, from the heterogeneity of the different technical environments and approaches to the EU Institutions’ modus operandi and from the status of the relevant market to the diverse cultural characteristics of our customers – 28 Member States, 24 official Languages as of July 2013. In fact, CRI Group itself benefits from an internal multicultural environment comprising skilled consultants from various cultural backgrounds.

CRI Group has achieved a preeminent position within the EU Institutions market as an EU-minded provider of quality solutions and a trusted partner of major players. Indeed, our long presence in the market combined with its highly skilled employees, industry-best methodologies and extensive proven track record has rendered us key players with well-established collaborations, formed on the basis of complementing competencies that maximize our value to our customers. In fact, our presence is not limited to the European Institutions but expands to multiple International Organizations, such as NATO, the European Patent Office, European Court of Auditors, etc.

As International Organizations endeavour to reap the benefits of new or emerging ICT trends by integrating them into their operational environment, significant challenges arise. CRI Group is in a unique position to support its customers throughout this process as it combines multiple traits, such as a deep understanding of the Institutions’ existing environment and future expectations, excellent overview of and familiarization with new technological trends, local presence in multiple European countries and proximity to most EU Institutions as well as extensive expertise in multiple delivery models, from IT resourcing to Managed Services.

iGovernment Services

Innovative use of ICT applications is rapidly becoming a cornerstone of modern government policy in every area of service, care and control. Looking beyond the individual applications and layers of digitization, CRI provides highly-end management expertise, serving the EU Institutions in the delivery of projects aiming to communicate effectively with European citizens and industry, while assisting them with the introduction of effective channels of communication and information flows running within and between its various bodies. The key areas of Smart Living, Digital Inclusion, Cybersecurity, eHealth & Ageing, Open Government and Citizen Sentiment Analysis are likely to remain key focus areas for the provision of iGovernment solutions for the foreseeable future. Implemented effectively, iGovernment enables citizens, enterprises and organisations to carry out their business with government more easily, more quickly and at lower cost.

CRI’s iGovernment Unit is currently performing the FWC on Helpdesk and other support services to the EURES (DG EMPL) portal.
And for the past year has been providing Training Services (Classroom and e-Learning) to the EURES Network members in partnership with EY.

CRI Group continues to build on its strengths in this challenging market in many ways:

  • Successfully deliver new projects to add to its well-established track record
  • Closely follow and, if possible, influence technological advancements within the Institutions
  • Leverage the complementarity of its presence in several countries to support multiple delivery models
  • Maintain a profound understanding of Institutional modus operandi, from adopted standards to security clearance (e.g. NATO, EU) requirements and proactively integrate them
  • Combine technical know-how with understanding of the multicultural characteristics and specific business needs of the public sector

International Organizations

  • Maintain and develop technical and methodological competencies among our people by combining proven HR methodologies and robust knowledge development practices
  • Explore new potential meaningful collaborations
  • Inspire and maintain a European culture and spirit among our people