DoubleIP was established in November 2009 by a group of people with extensive technological and marketing know-how, envisaging that their Ideas Put In Practice can shape the future of the highly demanding mobile services and communications age.

We operate in the sector of Information Systems and Telecommunications by providing leading-edge technologies and services.

Cornerstone to the company’s long-term growth and success, is our management’s experience and know-how in delivering advanced ICT solutions, as well as our workforce’s innovative and highly efficient operation.

Through the evolutionary use of technology DoubleIP focuses on:

  • Mobile & Web Applications that are built to scale with any organization. Using the latest technologies and following strategies that give to our customers’ product a strong presence in the marketplace.
  • Mobile Marketing activities, embracing and elevating user interactivity and engagement of consumers with brands using any available means of communication.
  • New Generation Loyalty Platforms that adhere on the latest trends in Loyalty Platform design and deliver unparalleled mobile functionalities and features, including a real time personalization engine that takes into account individual user patterns.
  • Campaigns Management Platforms, by utilizing Telecoms sector proven technologies and models, designed to generate higher demand, increase customer retention and minimize churn, while stimulating per user revenue (ARPU).
  • VAS and B2B inventive service offerings, leading our customers to competitive advantage, increased ARPU and superior technological infrastructure and knowledge, which eliminate the barriers of advancement and change.

We commit to continuously expanding our leading ideas with new products and technologies geared to customers’ needs.


DoubleIP is based on the idea that quality software creates trust and long-lasting business relationships.

In order to embrace the idea of quality, DoubleIP invests on people, motivating them towards its vision through a friendly and fulfilling environment of continuous technological advancement. Knowledge sharing, team working and modern development procedures, lead DoubleIP in being the Top Choice of software engineers’ carrier selection.

Believing that astonishing ideas are the ones arising from every day needs and from any person working in the company, from the trainee to the CEO, we have established the appropriate business processes to promote creativity within any level of the company.

Under the environment of unbarred worldwide communications, the values of our vision will lead DoubleIP to Global Expansion.


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